ZiBASE price list

Marketed models :

- Multi-protocol home automation controller ZIBASE PRO.

Recommended price: 279€ VAT without license. 379€ VAT with lifetime license bought at retailer's.

See features of the product on the table below.

-Multi-protocol and economical home automation controller ZiBASE Lite (same functional features as ZIBASE PRO but without ENOCEAN, external antenna and integrated battery).

Recommended promotional price August-September 2013: 179€ VAT without license. 279€ with retailer's lifetime license.

Is the license required?

The licence is optional and enables you to exploit all potential of ZIBASE hardware. With this licence, you can create and program scenarios with which you can make interact peripherals automatically  with others.

Without the licence and its scenarios, you can direct or consult your installation (detectors, cameras, actuators) from your smartphone or your PC. The actions are always made at your initiative and with your intervention.
With the licence, you can in addition, for example, trigger automatically and without any intervention sequences of predefined actions (scenarios) when information come from detectors, timers, calendars...l

When should I buy the license?

This license can be bought with the hardware at your reseller's or later on with the configurator of the product. After buying it online for 100€ VAT, you can use it after 10 minutes at the latest.

The hardware is available at reseller's  with or without included license. If the licence is included, the price is 100€ VAT higher.

The license is acquired for a lifetime.



*All ZIBASES bought up to 2011 are considered to have license included.

Price list of online services

ZODIANET markets directly the licence and SMS credits. We buy our own SMS credits, they a re not free! Do you know why?

- Contrary to current mobile subscriptions, SMS are nor unlimited neither comprised in a package. No operator can accept it as it is not possible to make statistical calculations on sendings realised by...a machine. But ZIBASE is a machine and nothing could prevent it from sending one SMS/second  24H/7. 

- The SMS credits are valid allover the world.

NB: The notifications iOS and Android notifications, respectively managed by Apple and Google, enable to avoid operators SMS. They are free. Enjoy it, thanks to them ZiBASE use is free.

Formules sans abonnement

No subscription, no cancellation.
You buy credits according to your needs and use them gradually and without any deadline.



Services Marks Price
Remote consultation of  iAlertes, iMesures, iActions, iPhotos items
Launch of any ZiBASE activity that does not require the zibase.net server

Turn on/off devices or lights locally or remotely

Remote software updating (firmware)

Message between ZiBASEs (connected to the same platform)
1 Free
Message to a Nabaztag or Karotz rabbit
1 Free
Email message
1 Free
Message on iPhone/iPad & Android by native notifications
1 Free
Video streaming of hosted cameras
SMS message (1 credit = 1 SMS for operators allover the world)
1.2 Charged

Notes :

1 : You can make atmost 216 operations per day on theses services.

2: When the user buys ZiBASE, a PACK33 is included.


PACKS Services price list



The purchase of PACKS is directly made through the  Configuration interface of ZiBASE.

Transactions are exclusively carried out with the secure online payment system Paypal.

You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by CB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

PACKS are delivered online 24H/7 in just under an hour (usually=10mn) with the sending of an invoice per email.

Your user account is automatically upgraded with the acquired articles.


Reference Designation Marks Price
PACK33 PACK OF 33 SMS CREDITS. I.e 0.45€ per credit. 1 14.90€
PACK100 PACK OF 100 SMS CREDITS. I.e 0.30€ per credit. 1 29.90€
PACK200 PACK OF 200 SMS CREDITS. I.e 0.25€ per credit. 1 49.90€

Notes :

1 : Each SMS credit enables to send 1 SMS.
With these packs, you can send SMS without any deadline concerning the credits.




Fonctions ZiBASE1 Classic ZiBASE2 Zwave Avec licence acquise à vie
Protocole x10 RF X X
Protocole x10 Secure X X
Protocole Chacon X X
Protocole Domia X X
Protocole Oregon Scientific X X
Protocole XDD X X
Protocole RFY X X
Protocole Visonic 433 ou 868Mhz X X
Protocole ZWAVE avec module externe non fourni X X
Protocole ZWAVE avec module intégré upgradable
Compatibilité avec les caméras Edimax X X
Consultation iAlertes/iMesures/iPhotos depuis Smartphone/PC X X
Consultation des histogrammes de sondes X X
Prise de photos/videos (sur achat en ligne de crédits) X X
Chaînage de ZIBASEs sur un même LAN (maître/esclaves) X X
Possibilité d'utiliser ZiBASE depuis une application externe (via ZAPI) X X
Installation de packs et de scénarios (125)

Actions sur les caméras Edimax depuis des scénarios

Possibilité d'envoyer des SMS (sur achat en ligne de crédits)

Possibilité d'envoyer des emails depuis des scénarios

Création de thermostat virtuel sur iPhone et Android