ZODIANET is a company specialized in the development of communicating objects associated with Internet technology.

Located at the Saclay plateau in Essonne, ZODIANET is a startup that controls all trades of its domain, from the propagation of radio waves between communicating objects to the information representation languages for Web 2.0 .


On the one hand, the habitat now has smart objects grouped around of heterogeneous, autonomous and disjoined systems (in "islands").The information representation is generally poor with a rustic human-machine interaction. however, this information is rich in environment variables ("Input/ Output"). When the mobile man leaves his domicile, he loses contact with it, as if a drawbridge raised. It can't, for example, manage the forgetting after his departure or anticipate his return.

On the other hand, WEB/Internet techniques now make it possible to represent the information in a natural and powerful way. The complexity of exchanges is effaced by an ergonomy as "simplistic". In addition, the Internet now extends to mobile phones with very intuitive touchscreen terminals (iPhone, Android), which allows mobile man access to information in a way never seen before. However it should be noted that this information is usually impersonal (Web, H2C interaction: Human to Content) or interpersonal (emails, H2H interaction: Human to Human): It transits from "database to database" or "keyboard to keyboard".

The conviction of ZODIANET is that the convergence between domestic smart objects and Internet going to revolutionize the relationship between mobile man and his home (H2M relationship: Human to Machine).



ZODIANET, supported by the INT, CRITT CCST, JESSICA CAP'TRONICScientipôle InitiativeScientipôle Capital, and Oséo Innovation, works to materialize the convergence between domestic communicating objects and WEB/Internet technologies the most recent.

This convergence provide new services. The most existing task for ZODIANET (and a real challenge) is of course to provide a sufficiently simple and intuitive environment, so that man of the XXIe century can create his own services in response to his own needs.

ZODIANET was encouraged in this task while receiving the seat of the Regional Council of Ile de France, the price "Fibre de l'Innovation 2008" award from Optics Valley.