How does it work?

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The ZODIANET system is based on two points of interconnection:

1) The ZIBASE box. It operates as a server and communicates with peripherals in your house.

2) The server It communicates via Internet:

- With your mobile (with an Internet access and a simplified WEB or WAP browser)

- With your PC or Mac ( with a web browser such as IE7, FireFox3.0, Chrome, Safari, etc…)

These two points are connected to each other and can exchange information at any time using an original and highly reliable signalling system. This system does not require a particular configuration for your BOX nor the use of special devices such as the UPnP. Moreover it causes no security flaw in your computer equipment and uses only a minimal amount of bandwidth on your broadband line (ADSL/cable).

ZIBASE is equipped with a double bidirectional radio frequency interface of 433Mhz and  868Mhz to exchange information with communicating devices in your home: Sensors, remote controls, actuators, sirens...

ZIBASE also has a local intelligence as the user can schedule the tasks he wants it to complete without his intervention. Therefore, it records the scenarios previously defined by the user on and start them when the trigger conditions occur. Overall, ZIBASE is autonomous, it only requires the internet to adjust time when it starts, send emails, SMS, pictures, or activate a scenario on another ZIBASE.

The ZIBASE server is accessible throughout the world (like any other website). The user can thus freely  "connect to his home" from anywhere. ZIBASE offers a highly ergonomic RIA (Rich Internet Application) type interface compatible with all browsers using Adobe FLEX (a kind of interactive FLASH plug-in). A further significant advantage of ZIBASE is that no program or application installation is required. Thus, the user can reach all the resources to operate or even reconfigure its installation from a PC at his workplace or from an internet café !