Keep your home under control with your mobile !

There is an application for that !

The Zodianet system allows you to keep control over your home while you are away from your mobile or from a PC anywhere in the world.

Be informed of expected or unusal events via SMS or email, take photos, operate various home devices. You just have to surf and clic.

ZiBASE connected to a large range of sensors (visonic or compatible), remote controls and X10 appliances

The Zodianet system is based on ZIBASE, a box of the size of a VHS tape which can be connected using ethernet to any ADSL BOX. Installing it and opening an account will take you a few tens of seconds. ZIBASE is highly energy-efficient, it only uses 1W, which is 200 times less than an office PC.

ZIBASE communicates wirelessly with a range of sensors, remote controls and actuators which are unexpensive and comply with standarts and can be found by ZIBASE distributors.

ZIBASE automatically configures IP cameras by Edimax in less than 2 minutes. This allow you to take photos of your home remotely from your mobile or from a PC. Edimax cameras are amongst the cheapest on the market.

The Zodianet system adapted to your specific needs with the Scenarios.

Describe why and how you want acts to follow on, when you want to receive a SMS, email  or photo, to controll a device, trigger a siren or even remotely activate the scenario of another ZIBASE !

Find out how imaginative you can be !