You can now remotely via your phone:

Be alerted



________________    Via Web, SMS or email




• Your children didn't come home

• Check the arrival and leaving times

• Be warned in real-time of any intrusion

• Smoke was detected

• A water and gas leak was detected

• Handle any abnormality as soon as possible

• Remove any doubt following an alert

• Activate automatic snapshot in case of break-in

• Make sure everything is going well at home

• Your nurse is taking good care of your children

• Your pets are fine

• Handle important visual information

• Adjust your heating

• Turn on the light before taking a picture!

• Simulate a presence (shutters, lights...)

• Control the watering of your holidays home

• Open your mobile portal

• Manage anticipation to prevent oversights








Zodianet is an open system and integrates a wide range of peripherals using standardised protocols.


Dozen of these various peripherals are commercialy available.


Free application for Apple/Android.

Try now the demo version !


ZODIANET also works with all mobile using WEB / WAP.


iPhone App demo